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Who’s Better – Ubercart vs. WooComerce: an ecommerce platform comparison in Canada

Are you starting an ecommerce website and are looking for the perfect platform to use? If you live in Canada, then the good news is that you really have a ton of choice, however that is exactly what makes things more complicated for some. A lot of choice can be extremely overwhelming, especially when you are a beginner, so seeing things a little bit more in depth should definitely help you out. In today’s article we are going to make an ecommerce platform comparison between two of the top platforms out there, Ubercart and WooCommerce, in order to give you that more in depth look, so definitely make sure to keep on reading and see if one of them is the perfect choice for you.



If you have ever hear of Drupal Commerce and this looks familiar to you, then you are right because Drupal Commerce was created by a developer that also developed Ubercart, and because of that a lot of people think that Ubercart is actually the better option because it was the original one. This is a highly customizable platform that offers a ton of add-ons, but as with most platforms, not everything is available so you need to do some research prior to committing in order to see if it has everything you need. If you are a beginner then this platform is a great option for you because it is very “developer friendly” and it is also simple enough in order to work for smaller stores, but the great thing is that is has everything you need in order to expand your store. With this open source ecommerce platform you will get payment modules and different shipping options which means that you won’t have to think about any of that when launching your website.

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Something that can be considered a downside of Ubercart is the fact that its customization controls are somewhat less powerful in comparison to other platforms, and while this is a great thing for beginners, it can be a bit annoying for anyone that is more experienced.


Next in this ecommerce platform comparison is WooCommerce, and if you have ever had anything to do with ecommerce before then you have definitely heard about it before. This is a WordPress plugin which means that you will have to install it on your host and then install WooCommerce onto your site. This will automatically turn your site into a fully functional ecommerce that comes complete with coupons, product pages, inventory management and more. If you are worried about the fact that you have to download a bunch of different things and how that might affect your wallet, then stay calm because this plugin is completely free to download and install, and for a lot of ecommerce stores it has even worked out that they don’t need anything more than the plugin itself. You will be able to connect to every major payment gateway, offer your customers any coupons or discounts you want to give them and you will be able to add tons of other features as well thanks to the extension library.

Now, while downloading the plugin is free in the Canada, what you do need to keep an eye out are any other expenses such as the theme, the extra extensions, the domain name, hosting and so on. These may seem like small things, but they are the kind of expenses that can really add up.

Now that you see what each of these platforms can offer you, hopefully you found that one of them is the perfect choice for your own ecommerce website. We hope that you found this article helpful and that you will keep in mind this ecommerce platform comparison between some of the best platforms you can get in Canada because they are definitely excellent options.


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